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September 2008

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thedragonwithin in passionwriters

Vlad's past

Title: Vlad's Back-story
Chapters: 1
Author(s): thedragonwithin
Pairing: N/A
Warnings: Violence, references to religion and religious figures, cussing, and general weirdness. Edit: Now with beta-sauce!
Rating: Pg-Pg-13
Summery: Every Fallen Angel at one time was an Angel. But what events lead to those with virtuous souls and wings shrouded in darkness? Rated for language and possible graphic violence.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The plot and characters belong to myself and the voices in my head. Any resemblance to any other plot, character, or even real life person or situation is by pure accident and not intentional. Enjoy!
Previous Chapters: Prologue

Chapter One

He remembered the screaming, that was one thing he was sure that he would never forget. That and the scent of lavender all around him. He was never sure what made the air smell so sweet at that time, nor how much of it his mind hid from him to spare his sanity. He just remembered hiding, watching with muffled sobs as friends and family were slaughtered for no reason, and the figure surrounded by a golden aura stood in front of him and the others, fair blue eyes hardened and flaming sword in hand.

They were weak, all of them were, Michael knew this as he turned away. Hopefully, this sent the message for them not to follow in their comrade’s footsteps. He was ordered to cull no children, for their screams would shake Heaven to the core, not that he wanted to anyway. It was bad enough that he had to carry out this order, he was glad to spare who he could. However, this rebellion talk had to stop somewhere, and he was just the Arch Angel to do the job.

Why Lucifer wasn’t sent out was a mystery to him, since he was the favorite of them all. Then again, he was created for things like this, no matter how much he disliked it. At least the traitors were taken care of, and hopefully the children here didn’t try to avenge their parents, which was unlikely. If worse came to worse, their memory could be rewritten as it had before. This wasn’t the first time he had been called to keep the peace, and he was sure that it wouldn’t be the last either.

With the lack of older children, Vladamir guessed that unless he found a foster, his odds of survival were quickly dwindling. Those without a clan were usually allowed to slowly decay into the background, being either mad or destroying themselves into the bleakness of Oblivion. However, if there were those old enough to know the ways of the clan, to at least ensure survival even for a little while, the odds of some sanity being retained was somewhat higher. That was not the case, however, the oldest being himself, which wasn’t very old in Angel terms at all. If compared to a human age, his mentality would be no more than that of a six year old, if even that.

There was crying all around him, the tears of those even younger than him mixing with the running blood and the haze that the dead bodies were dissolving into. He knew that they wouldn’t survive for long, but he didn’t know where to go, where to take them. The others clans, they wouldn’t want to shelter a dead clan, one labeled as traitors, his parents had told him that many times. Even after they adopted Yasuo, a cast off from the Creature Clan since he was a male that inherited the power that only females were meant to have. Aqua eyes brightened at the thought of the Angel that took care of his brother before he had a home.

“Yasuo,” he yelled, trying to find the other Angel in the chaos that was the aftermath of the culling. “Where are you?”

“Vladdy,” a younger, shrill voice rose up, making him turn. Sairari! The little girl was blind, but gifted with foresight, but her power was no help to them at the moment. Especially since she wouldn’t be able to see where she was going. This just kept turning out to be worse and worse. “I can’t feel them! Where are they all? Papa…mama…they both disappeared! I watch their spirits disappear! Where did they go? Are they going to come back?”

She was covered in blood, thankfully not her own, her pastel blue robes tattered and torn, white wings splattered like the rest of her. Pastel pink hair had a darker hue to it, drying brown splotches matching her oddly colored eyes that didn’t see the light of their world, but instead the light of a future that may never come to pass.

He grasped her tiny hand in his, and led her around the large room where children cried for their parents and older siblings that were too involved with whatever Michael was sent here to take care of. No, he wouldn’t lead them, he’d let them find their own way. After all, only the strongest survived after the fall of a clan, this was time to regroup, not time to mourn just yet. There would be time for that at the ceremony and that wouldn’t take place for another few days at least. He had to find Yasuo, and find a haven in case another clan got wind of this situation. He didn’t want to find out if the rumors that the other clans would kill the children of their own element if they felt the traitors endangered their own.

Angels were not to be known for their kindness, for they were warriors and would be expected to do such a thing. The strongest survived, that was the rule and he had to live by it now more than ever.

“Do you see Yasuo’s light,” he asked, keeping his eyes open for the other, even though it seemed the fog was getting thicker with every minute. This wasn’t good, since that could mean that the other clans were already moving in.

“It’s hiding,” Sairari said, hesitating in her steps a little while she looked for the familiar light. “In the back, underneath the dead. He thought Michael had come for him, but it seems that even I could not have seen this coming either.”

“Which direction,” Vladamir asked, flexing his wings. Silver in color, they had soft hues of powder blue in shadows and were peppered at the arcs. Very few Angels had pure white wings, especially those of the Angels of Shadow.

“Towards the back,” came the answer. “No one else is there, so it should be easy to just find him.”

Fighting back the urge to run, he felt a cold gust of wind enter the enclosure where the meeting was being held. That could only mean one thing. That Lucifer was ordered to finish the job, Azrael was ordered to do it, or those of the other clans had finally come to ensure their demise. Resisting the urge to look back to see which on of the three had entered, he tugged Sairari with more urgency towards the more secluded areas, hoping that Yasuo hadn’t moved.

“Vlad,” came the relieved call that had him looking to his side, into the face of his brother. Blood may not have related them, but they looked to each other as if it had. “They’re all dead, aren’t they? Did Michael come for me or them? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” Vlad replied quietly, shivering when he heard a scream. “But this isn’t the time to figure it out! Who was the Angel that took care of you before mom and dad took you in? We’ve got to hurry!”

“The Arch Angel Raphael,” Yasuo answered quietly, looking around. “There’s an exit near here, lets just hope it’s one Angel doing the job and not another clan yet!”

Nodding, Vlad had a bit of trouble following the silver haired boy out of the building, the fog skewing his ability to see very well. He followed the slate gray wings, that stood out a little more in the fog. The fact that Yasuo wore gray robes didn’t help much either. He squeezed Sairari’s hand as they made their way to open air. They could fly away now, and be much harder targets. Such executions were best kept quiet, and not brought out into the open, things usually became messy if that happened.

The open air was refreshing to him, the bright light illuminating the Heavens as he spread his wings and took to the air, happy to be able to see Yasuo more clearly and constantly making sure that Sairari was close behind. She was a bit of a clumsy flyer, but at least she was able to. She had just learned how to fly, so he expected her to have a little trouble, but she was doing well so far. He just hoped that wherever Yasuo was leading them would be safe enough until the ceremony. After the ceremony, any hunts would have to be cancelled and they would be able to breathe easier.

Glancing behind him, making sure that Sairari wasn’t to far behind, Vlamamir could see the dome where he would never touch foot again without shuddering. He couldn’t think about revenge, for it was Michael who took out the initial order which meant that there was nothing to be done about it. At least he survived, which meant that he was one of the strong.



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