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September 2008

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dr tran

thedragonwithin in passionwriters

New Story

Finally started something that I've been wanting to for the past two years. Hopefully, this means an end to my hiatus and maybe even give life back into this community. It's short right now, but I'm hoping the actual Chapter One will be worth reading.

Title: Vlad's Back-story
Chapters: Prologue
Author(s): thedragonwithin
Pairing: N/A
Warnings: Violence, references to religion and religious figures, cussing, and general weirdness. Edit: Now with beta-sauce!
Rating: Pg-Pg-13
Summery: Every Fallen Angel at one time was an Angel. But what events lead to those with virtuous souls and wings shrouded in darkness? Rated for language and possible graphic violence.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The plot and characters belong to myself and the voices in my head. Any resemblance to any other plot, character, or even real life person or situation is by pure accident and not intentional. Enjoy!
Previous Chapters: N/A

There was once four clans of the Angels of Shadow, each one developing a different power for a battle that never seemed to come. One focused on magic for summoning creatures that the head created, and were headed by women that allowed no man with power to live in their protection. Another focused on forming the shadows into solid weapons that were just as dangerous as the Flaming Sword of Michael when crafted by a master. The last surviving clan focused on magic for stealth and ways to make the effects of their magic more powerful. The skills of the Traitors were forgotten, for it was dangerous to even acknowledge it ever existed in the first place.

Heaven has been unstable with the new creations, some Angels believing that they will be replaced and never looked on as His golden creation ever again. The discontent led to fear, which led to whispers of rebellion, which didn’t bode well for those with power. It was decided that the Arch Angel Michael would take care of the traitors, and the Elements and their clans could take care of whatever survivors he left in his wake, most of which were children.

Some do live on, others die by their comrade’s hands that hold little to no mercy. The will to survive and not be labeled as a traitor themselves is strong in all the Elements, especially with Michael as their adversary. The Angels of Shadow were the only Element to suffer the loss of a clan, the other clans taking it upon themselves to settled any sign of uprising before it was heard by any of the spies or the Arch Angels themselves. Before the War of Heaven, the strife between the opposing sides begun well before Lucifer’s betrayal, well before the open protests of the other Angels sided with him.