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September 2008

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pen_passion in passionwriters


So before someone posted about another person being their beta. And I'm like 'hmm, I want a beta reader too!' But then I thought about it again... I don't really want a beta reader. See, a beta reader will read and critique it, look for problems, etc. This will force me to back up and edit, which I am NOT allowed to do. no no no. So what I really want is someone to read my stuff and say 'wow, you're amazing! keep going keep going I must must MUST read more.' You know?


Although I'm not sure why you don't want to edit, I can understand your need for readers. Mostly because...I have none but that's besides the point.

The only thing that's bothering me about that is honestly, you sound like you're writing for your ego and not the thrill of writing, that and you sound as if you don't want to refine your work but leave it as something that just comes out of your head. It could be that I'm interpreting this all wrong, but I do that often and won't be surprised by it. We all like gratification, but is it really necessary to continue writing?
No, no, that's not it at all. In fact I've been avoiding the instant gratification by not letting anyone read my latest draft. I don't think my writing is perfect, far FAR from it, and I'm certainly not just writing to be read: I'm writing because my story has inspired me and has engulfed me and my characters will not leave me alone until they have come to life and their story has been told.
And an explanation for the editing bit: this is my 2nd first draft, I did not complete the 1st first draft because there were so many things I needed to change that to continue on with the changes without explaining them would have caused a lot of pain and problems when I went back to edit (character changes, etc.) The reason I'm not editing this 2nd first draft is because once I begin editing that is all I will do, I will edit and edit and edit until I'm so sick of the parts I've written I will stop writing more. Basically if I edit before I've finished writing my story completely it will never be completed. And this story absoultely must be completed. So once I have written from beginning to end I will be going on an editing FRENZY.
I hope that explains everything.