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September 2008

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my only joy

gothicsnowwhite in passionwriters

I'm just going to start with a poem...

I wrote this poem over the weekend, after coming back from a vacation to visit my sweetheart...I'm rather proud of it, and she said that she likes it, so...I thought I'd take a chance and share it here. I've posted it to a few different places, but a lot of the writing communities on LJ are just SO huge that I think I stand a better chance of actually getting some constructive comments here. Anyway, enjoy, and please, let me know what you think! (I swear when I am more awake I will read what you all have posted...it wouldn't be fair of me to read and try to comment on it right now because my eyes are about ready to fall closed and my brain has seriously died @_@)

Passion’s Wrath


Fan the flames of passion's wrath
A raging inferno deep within my soul
Painful longing, burning in my heart
Aching for her touch, her lips, her voice
Like a knife piercing into my very core
Twisting deeper until I am driven to distraction
Craving her sweetness, the intoxication
Wishing reality away as she fills my senses
Bit by bit, taking over every part of me
Wanton desire seeps into my blood
Flowing through my veins like wildfire
Threatening to explode from the inside out
As her presence consumes me
Losing control, lost in her, this moment
Carried away by the tide of bliss
Torrential storm crashing inside my mind
Clinging to her in desperation, holding tight
Drawing her in with every breath I take
Reaching for something more, higher ground
Searing flames burning hot as the sun
Compelling and willing all rationality away
A candle lit at both ends, we collide somewhere in between
Where time stands still, and space is nonexistent
The wrath of passion draws us in
Entombed together, two hearts beating as one
Until eternity fades away into nothing
Setting our souls free to soar among the stars