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September 2008

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black-haired mermaid

xmagoryx in passionwriters

introduction and three stories

I'm not much for talking about my personal life on my writing communities . . . but I suppose a short introduction is necessary in such a small group. I discovered the community through our lovely maintainer in a post in another, much less personal, writing community. This community suits my need for freedom, I think. 

My name is Chasity -- though I go by the name Magory for my writing, which is a play off Gregory Maguire's name -- and I live in the Midwest of the United States. Like most people from that area of the world, I enjoy the outdoors and spend a lot of time in the summer at the beach or in the woods. Therefore, a lot of my writing gets done in the winter when it's too cold to be wandering around outside. Being seventeen, I'm at an awkward stage in my life as I am still living at home but on the edge of adulthood. Surprisingly . . . this hasn't came out much in my writing. No cheesy coming-of-age stories for me. 

Let's see . . . I have several outlets, though writing is the only one in which I possess any type of exceptional talent. I play the trombone and am in the process of learning how to play the violin. When my patience allows for it, I practice knitting. In theory, I'm learning how to do computer graphics, though that's a difficult art for someone who doesn't really have an eye for visual works. 

Writing and reading are probably givens, but I should probably comment on them so no one wonders what I'm doing here. I write a good deal of fanfiction and have recently broken into the field of original fiction. I'm pretty much a compulsive editor and I suppose I'd be willing to help the less bull-headed authors in this community. My works don't always pay attention to ratings and warnings . . . I assume that my readers are mature enough to handle it.

Now for some goodies! 

Title: To Face the Rising Sun 
Type: Original. Long.
Rating: R
Summary: Five plagues -- of body and spirit -- ravage a kingdom and the only survivors suffer a fate worse than death as they are caught in the moment of the first summer after the Plagues. One day, a strange boy appears to the two remaining members of the royal family. He will either be their savior or their destroyer. 

Title: Mortal Toil
Story Type: Fanfiction. Long.
Rating: R
Pairings: Angelus/William, Angelus/Darla 
Summary: Angelus love beautiful things. Loved to possess them and inevitably destroy them so that no one could own them again quite in the way that he had. This is the story of what happened when one of those beautiful things was a person, told by the monster himself as he journies to America.  


Title: Howl at the Moon
Chapter: One, Sacrifice
Pairing: Lupin/Tonks, Lupin/OFC
Rating: R
Summary: Set the summer after OotP. Remus accepts a mission from the Order to recruit feral werewolves and becomes entangled with a Russian pack leader. Meanwhile, his past relationship with Tonks manifests itself in an unusual way, which a clever Slytherin uses to lure him back to England. 


I look forward to getting to know all of you!


Just warning you I might take you up on the editing thing. All those stories look quite interesting, especially the first one.
Thank you. I take pride in my ideas. Now it's just a matter of getting them down on paper. Hehe.

No problem! I'll be sure to look for some of your stuff in the community. I love to edit as long as I'm getting through to someone.