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September 2008

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sad face

pezhead97 in passionwriters

Has this ever happened to you...

I know what I want to say, I know how I want to say it.  I have the time to sit down and write it.  But when I try, it really sucks.  It sounds superfacial and weak.  And therefore when I go to write I don't have the attention span, and instead of writing I surf the net on the same five webpages repeatedly. 

So has this happened to anyone else but me?  How do I stop it?

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I completely understand what you're saying. This is what I call 'muse rebellion'. It's where you have everything planned out, ready to go in your head, but you just can't get it out the way you want it. And then the idea won't stop bugging you because you can't get it down the way you want.

What I usually do is write it out anyway, just to get the idea down. Yes, it won't be good and yes, you won't like yourself for writing it, but that's what editing is for. says the one who hates to edit That's about the only thing that I have found that's worked. :\ Hope it helped even a little...
I think everyone deals with this. I always have, but I think I improved a lot after NaNoWriMo. You just have to sit down and start writing, and don't even think about the quality. If you don't want other people to see it, they don't have to. Just keep telling yourself that you are the only person you have to please. I think it's easier to write without the pressure of thinking about how other people will view the results.

Good luck!
I know several people who've had this problem, me included. It's usually LJ [imagine that.] or I get caught up in researching my actual work.

Normally, what I do is write it down in a notebook I call the "Slush" notebook, so 1. it's out of my head and 2. I can always revise it later when the time calls for it.

My favorite thing is staring at a blank piece of paper until I wanna rip my hair out, so I definitely know this feeling of yours. ^^

Good luck!
This is what killed my last NaNoWriMo attempt. The inability to not procrastinate.

Do you have a beta? Actually, anyone you know who writes as well (hell, anyone who will read your work and give you honest feedback will do!)? Having other people review your work and tell you your weak points, or how to reword a certain sentence usually helps.

Deadlines might help. Personally, I consider them more of a curse than a gift, but, then again, I'm lazy as a. . . well, something really lazy.