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September 2008

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pen_passion in passionwriters

Always A Bad Sign...

I was thinking, and looking for something to post because I have not posted in a week and I did, after all, begin this community. Anyway I was thinking that even though some people introduced themselves these introductions are all scattered. Wouldn't it be nice for there to be a single post/thread/commenting place where people can list basic stats? Or irrelevant oddly important information? I agreed with myself and here it is.

Oh and you can also shamelessly self-advertise your own journal in this post, if you're looking for a reader-base.




Writer first, student second (at least I wish that was how I could live)
Current Project: first novel
Hopes: disillusionally high
Other Interests: . . . what? I - what?
Collects: journals which I rarely use, never use up, pens so my dad won't take them, books, books on writing, shot glasses which I don't use because I don't drink (I like... small glasses)

Not a published writer, but I'm hoping. I work in a factory [burning coolant holes in airplane/jet parts] on night shift.

Current Project: First novel, random bits and pieces [dubbed "slush"], and sometimes fanfiction.

Other Interests: Right now it's raising my Siberian Husky, Kiba [icon], Alaskan Malamute, Sasha, and German Shepherd, Dozer. Other interests can be found on my user info. ^^

Collects: A personal journal I write in from time to time. I also collect shot glasses [and don't drink]. XD Wide assortment of books and dvds [between me and my husband], and many many notebooks. LOL.

And I apologize for not posting anything yet. I've been extremely lazy beyond believe because of work.

Oh, and I shall advertise my LJ community because I'm allowed to...It's penbrightblade. It has little work in it, but please read the user info to see what it's all about [writing, obviously].

Thanks~! ♥
I write original fiction and fan fiction (and I blog). When I'm not writing, I read and some other things. I think it's all on my user info. If not, feel free to ask. :)

My favorite genres (to write) are mysteries/thrillers, fantasy and in fan fiction - angst. I also write slash.

I mainly read the same genres I write.

Nothing's been published yet, but I've helped a few people with their research into fan fiction/slash and once even a tv show.

You'll find my LJ on my user info, but there's no fiction on it. There's a link to my own site too, and that's where most of the writing is.
I'm also not a published writer, but maybe someday. Writing has always been a passion of mine, ever since I can remember.

Current Project: Little stories and bits of stories when I find something that really inspires me. I'm trying right now write as much as I can of an idea I've had for a few months, between school and homework and studing and the like.

Other Interests: Reading, of course, watching movies, being with friends and family, the internet, etc. You get the idea :)

Collects: Not much; I suppose I'm a collector of novels, as I love to read. I've got a personal paper journal that I write in when I can grab some time. Other than that, I don't collect much...

I have not had a chance to post anything else to this community right now, either, as what I'm working on right now isn't complete enough to even post a bit of it. But it will be up when I can find the time to finish some of it :]
I'm Kate, an 18 year old female student and aspiring writer.

I write fiction and opinion essays, as well as articles for my school newspaper. I also edit the creative writing page of the paper.

I wrote a novel during NaNoWriMo, and I am working on another one now that I am about halfway done with.

Some major concerns in my writing are the nature of love, mortality, and finding your home. Artists (whether they be writers, visual artists, actors, or musicians) pop up in my writing a lot.

Feel free to look at my journal, but most of my posts are friend-only. That's just because I don't want random people coming across my journal in google, though, and if I know you from a group I'll add you as a friend. ^-^
My name's Emily, though on the internet I usually refer to myself as Kaarii. I'm 16 this July, which makes me a sophomore in high school.

I usually write Bleach fanfiction, though I'm outlining my first novel. I like pretty much any genre, and, likewise, write whatever pops into my head. Well, actually, I'm a born procrastinator, so I never get many of my ideas on paper, but I dream.

I'm not published, but I do post the occasional piece in my journal, so if you find yourself procrastinating whatever you should be doing, feel free to stop in, take a look, and perhaps leave a little critic.

Oh, and, unlike some of the members, I like drinking, but don't own any shot glasses.